I really should be working on my Prezi right now for class...  Bah.  I have until midnight to finish it anyways.  I'll be fine.

I feel that, after my post concerning Water Theory, I should make sure no one expects some kind of theory about the Blank's powers every time I post.  I'm no genius.  I'm not even really that smart.  Seriously.  I don't think I'm even in the top half of my class.  ...okay, that's a little harsh.  I'm in the top half; top fourth, though, is doubtful.  And we're not a very high-achieving school to begin with, academically.  Our wrestling team kicks ass, though.

Anyways, Water Theory is something I worked on for more than a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.  I've been considering the basis of Water Theory since I started the other blog at the beginning of the school year, and even now I haven't got all the kinks worked out.  Granted, I haven't labored over it every day since September, but the point still stands:  nine months have passed since I started to work on that theory, and it's not concrete at all.  Evidence could easily pop up that discredits it completely.  Hell, for all I know, I'll be the one who proves it wrong by getting killed on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

I'm still not completely satisfied with it.  I feel like there's something I'm missing, some big piece of evidence that could either make or break it.  But I have no idea what that missing piece could be.  I'm equally clueless on how I'd go about testing this theory.  I just have to watch and wait and see if any other Runners go out onto a boat, believing wholeheartedly that the ocean is safe, and end up having a close encounter with everyone's favorite Operator.

And that's exactly what worries me the most.  Someone who's already been Marked will run across this blog, read my theory, take it to heart, set out to sea, and end up Slenderchow.  I don't think I can take anymore blood on my hands.

On a completely different note, I don't know how much I'll be able to post in the next few weeks; time is getting short for course-work, and I'm officially out of here (school) on the 30th.  That means a lot of my free time will be spent doing the homework I've been neglecting in favor of Skyrim, Mass Effect 2, and blogging.  I also have a deadline coming up for a manuscript I've nearly finished, so I have to get my ass in gear on that, too.

...how do I keep getting myself into these situations?

Bah.  Onwards to Prezi.


  1. Skyrim! Mass Effect 2! Ah, some of the most joyous timewasters that exist. 83

    Well, I have school too, and I've been wasting time drawing and blogging and watching videos and such instead of studying, so cheers! We're both procrastinating! xD

    - DJ

  2. Aye. I have four different files on Skyrim, just so I can try different playing styles. -.-; First file is primarily a Thief-Archer Argonian dude, second is a Dual-Axe Nord woman, third is a Magic-Crazy Khajit woman, and the fourth is a Greatsword-Swinging Heavy-Armor Nord man.

    I like to think of myself as a Master of Procrastination.

  3. Dissatisfied with it as you may be, it is still insightful. That alone makes it a danger to someone. You really should be more careful.

    1. Um...okay? I don't think I get enough traffic here for that to really be a problem. Still, you have a point.