So it's been more than a week since my last post.  No, I'm not done with all the work I'm supposed to finish before I go off and graduate.  In fact, I'm stalling for time on a set of 'thought-provoking questions' I'm supposed to write for my Psychology class right now.  Started it up and completely forgot where I was going on the last of four paragraphs.  Such is my luck.

I almost popped back on yesterday two days ago (Thursday) because...well, he's back.

I went to a local art show with my Art class (go figure) for an 'end of the year' field trip, and also as a 'get out of the last few periods of school' field trip.  The building was nice, and the acoustics were phenomenal.  I know I was there for art, but all I could actually think of was getting a choir in there because it would've sounded amazing.

Anyways, I saw a quaint little painting of a forest, and guess where my mind went first?  Yup.  Johnny the Faceless Weeping Willow.  So I did the whole paranoid 'window sweep,' got a few strange looks for it, and when I was sure he wasn't lurking around outside, I went back to admiring the various photographs, sculptures, paintings, and works of art using pretty much every medium available.  Sounds pretty mundane and safe, right?


The moment I stepped outside to get back on the bus, it felt like someone had pulled the pin on a grenade and stuck it right between the two halves of my brain.  'Splitting headache' doesn't begin to describe it.  The pain actually forced me to my knees.  I managed to look up, and I really shouldn't have to tell you who was standing on the boulevard a few yards away, 'staring' at me with his big, faceless head cocked slightly to the side.

I ended up ringed by my classmates, who were trying to figure out what was wrong.  They broke my line of sight on him long enough that he was able to disappear.  The headache lasted until I was 'safely' at home, some thirty minutes later.  I told everyone I'd lost my balance on the stairs, and that satisfied them.  Like I said, not the brightest school in the world.

So, in conclusion, my little respite from the big guy is over, my nausea alarm has shifted into a 'grenade-in-the-brain' headache (which is actually an improvement, in my opinion), and I'm almost completely surrounded by idiots.

Life is good.[/sarcasm]


  1. You are never truly safe from Father; either He comes for you, or He sends one of His Children.

    Now would be the time to run. If only to make things more entertaining for Him.

    1. Are you sure you're a crow, not a parrot? That's just a stream of cliches. It could be on literally any runner blog ever and has nothing to do with the specific content of this post. I know original thought must hurt your little bird brain, but try harder next time.

    2. Trust me Whitecrow, I'm safe. And I'm with Ben; try to keep your comments more on-topic.

    3. "Sounds pretty mundane and safe, right?"

      It was on topic. I was merely pointing out that you were not 'safe,' no matter how you felt. There is always someone watching.