If you hadn't guessed by now, I'm trying to stagger my posts as much as I can.  I don't want to do daily updates, because I think that would make for a lot to catch up on if this blog were to suddenly receive a crap-ton of attention and have people reading all the way from front to back (so to speak).  Granted, every other day is going to be a lot, too, but I'm only posting so frequently because, being relatively new to this whole Runner situation (though I can't really be called a Runner if I'm hiding out in my house), I have a lot I want to get out right away.

Since today is Sunday and I just got back from church, I wanted to write a bit about the religious aspect of the Slender Man, especially after watching DarkHarvest00 with the Gorr'Rylaehotep connection.  However, I decided against it.  Why?  Well, religion is always an uncomfortable topic, especially on the internet.  Given the instability of some Runners, the last thing I want to do is piss anyone off by discussing religion.  Maybe some other day I'll tackle that topic, but not right now.

So instead, I'll discuss the moral code I mentioned in my first post, not only as a way of explaining a bit about where my moral compass points, but also as a means of reminding myself what they are in case I ever end up in one of those situations where everything is gray, and there's no black and white to bail me out.  Genre-savvy as I am, I know that will happen sooner or later.  Here's hoping it's later rather than sooner.

My code, in order of importance, looks something like this:

1.)  All life is sacred.
2.)  Dead men are of no help to anyone.
3.)  The Truth can hurt, but lies make enemies.

Pretty short, I know, and probably anticlimactic for all the buildup, but I find the simplest things to be the most effective.  To put it in more basic terms:

1.)  Don't kill if you don't have to; always look for an alternative.  If someone's in mortal danger, save them however you can.
2.)  Unless #1 calls for crazy, suicidal heroics, try not to get yourself killed.
3.)  Don't lie.  Nothing good ever comes of lying.

Number 3 is the one I expect to break first.  ...okay, screw it.  I already broke it ages ago, but I'm trying to cut back on the lies.  I've been pretty good about 2 so far; the fact that I'm still sitting here writing this is always a good sig

....just kidding.  Anyways, 1 probably sounds the most amateurish and 'green' of all of them, but I mean it.  I originally had it written down as 'all life is sacred but my own,' but realized once again that sounded too melodramatic and like I was trying too hard.  Honestly, I expect this one to be the first to go when the situation calls for it.  I'm a coward, plain and simple.  I'm not going to be like Zeke, firing off cluster-f-bombs like no tomorrow when I see Slendy, all while loading a pistol and lining up a shot between his eyes.

...yes, yes, I know.   You know what I mean.  My point is that I'm no White Knight.  I'm more like Abra:  I may seem impressive, and may one day even be impressive and powerful, but right now as soon as the battle music starts, I Teleport the fuck out.

And you know what?  I think I'm fine with that.  Better to live to fight another day (see number 2) than die trying to be The Hero.  Even if The Hero does get the girl, the car, and the key to the city.


  1. You have made a Pokemon reference and a Metroid reference in the past week.

    ....you are awesome. 8D

    And hey, if you're a runner that's not really running, you can call yourself the world's first Hider! Either way-- the fact that you have a moral code is admirable.

    1. Actually, I think Gargoyle was the world's first Hider, sadly. But as far as I know, I'm the only current one, so it's all good.

      I'm actually starting to get a little nervous that Slendy's been all around my backyard and front lawn, but has yet to show up IN my house.

  2. I don't pay much attention to Gargoyle-- I wouldn't know. XD

    Hmmm....he may or may not be doing that just to fuck with your head, Moral.

    1. That's probably the case. I spent all of last night looking over my shoulder and avoiding the mirrors because I figured mentioning that had jinxed it.

      Not looking forward to the first 'in-house encounter,' though I might be able to slow him down by knocking over a pile of stuff.