Right.  New post.  Keep it short.  Succinct.  To the point.

I've been gone the past few days for two reasons:

1.)  I've been doing some serious catching up on blogs and vlogs pertaining to everyone's favorite faceless stalker.  I decided that if I'm want to live longer than a few months, knowledge is probably a good thing.

I caught up on a lot of the vlogs that I'd missed earlier, one of them being DarkHarvest00.  I simply have to ask:  why on God's green Earth would you view a video of some bizarre cult ritual (with rather catchy music, I must say; I need to speak to their basses about joining my school choir) and then go back and try to break in again?  At what point do you throw in the towel and say "Screw this, I'm going home"?  Although I do have to commend Alex (he of the much-cursed name, apparently):  he is probably the only person I know of who hasn't wanted to go chasing Slendy into the trees at night.

I also caught up on CaughtNotSleeping, and am now suitably afraid, mostly because of the most recent video.  Does this mean we can add telekinesis to the ever-growing list of Slendy's powers?  As an aside, this was the second 'badass' to have died on camera (if he's actually dead) after Zeke.  I'm starting to think Slendy has a snuff-film fetish.

2.)  Slendersickness.  Since my last post, I've had a few nasty coughing fits, felt weak, had a constant splitting headache, and been plagued by bouts of nausea.  The upside?  I figured out that the nausea is usually a precursor to an encounter with the lanky bastard himself, so I've been able to use it as a warning signal.  The downside?  I have emetophobia (or at least, I'm relatively certain I do).  Even a bit of nausea sends me into total breakdown mode.  Not fun.  The good news is that it's been clearing up over the past twelve hours or so, and I should be perfectly fine by tomorrow.

...I hope.


  1. Keep safe, Moral. Keep a clear, calm mind. Happy thoughts. That's how I get by.

    - DJ

    1. Happy thoughts have never been easy for me. I've been raised a pessimist and a cynic under the watchful eye of Mark Twain and a few others. :P

  2. I like that you've used that Luminoth as your avatar. It fits nicely with your moral theme.

    You'll learn from your mistakes, don't worry. Once someone realized how much of a fucktard they were in the past, a sort of how you say, character development is imminent.

    I can't really do much for you beyond wish you good luck and read your writing, though. So, good luck.

    1. I wasn't sure anyone was going to recognize my avatar for what it was, honestly. You may have just won an internet.

      And thanks for the well-wishing. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

  3. I'm a nerd, haha. Now you just need an arch-nemesis with an Ing avatar and you can call it a day.

    You're very welcome. And you know, luck always helps-- you never know what's going to happen next.

    1. Oh lord... The last thing I want is an arch-nemesis. I'm having enough trouble figuring out how I'm going to survive stationary for the next two months or so without adding a Proxy paying special attention to me.

      Although, having been around Beneath Stone Skies enough, I know that a Runner is just as likely to become my arch-nemesis...

    2. You're nowhere near Pennsylvania, right...? I don't want anyone I know being sent after you. That would be....really, really frustrating. ;_;

      I might just be biased, but I find most runners to be insufferable pricks that would sell their own mother for another day of safety. XD You're one of the few that I actually like, right off the bat. You're definitely not a prick.

    3. Don't worry about someone you know being sent after me; I'm a good distance from Pennsylvania. Not incredibly far, mind you, but far enough that I'd probably have decent warning.

      Aw...I'm liked! xD Although I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm not a prick. I have my prick-ish moments. >.>

    4. Ahh, don't worry, they're localized. You'd probably be safe from people I know if you were in Eastern PA. It's the Western part of the state you're going to have to mind.

      Prick-ish moments? No worries. XD I'm a prick myself, I always have been, so your moments would likely go unnoticed on my part.

      Hey, if you'd like to chat more without cluttering up your comments, you can drop me an email at Lucianna06@AOL.com, if you'd like.